12 Pretty Pine Cone Projects

Are you looking for a way to add more nature into your crafts and decorating? This collection of pine cones projects features some of the best ideas for crafts to do with pine cones!

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From a giant pine cone garland that is nothing short of gorgeous to a cute craft for the kids that makes some fun little snow owls. I am sure you will find plenty of projects to do with pine cones in this collection!

Are pine cones edible?

While you are picking up pine cones for your craft project, you might be wondering if they are edible. Pine cones are really interesting little things! Did you know that Pine cones belong to a group of plants called gymnosperms and date back to prehistoric times. Pine cones contain a nut, but only about 20 varieties of pine cones are large enough to harvest and be edible. Pine nuts are quite tasty too, so if you are lucky enough to have access to those types of cones, enjoy!

Ideas for pine cone decorations

I selected options for adults and children, so this list of pine cones projects has something for everyone! Using pine cones in crafts is a great idea for keeping your supply costs down while offering an exciting medium in craft time, regardless of your age. I think this variety of ideas for pine cone decorations will have your family happily using pine cones in crafts all autumn long.

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12 Pretty Pine Cone Projects

If you are on a budget and want to make some homemade Christmas decor, or if you are just looking for ideas for pine cone decorations; I have you covered! I gathered some of my favourite ideas from bloggers to share with you. Make sure you click thru to their sites to view the full tutorials. Then head outdoors and start looking for some pine cones so you can make your favourites from this list.

1. DIY Giant Pine Cone Garland

This garland uses giant pine cones to create a garland you will want to display the whole season. It is just so pretty!

2. Pine Cone Trees

Turn a pine cone into a tree with this adorable craft. Kids will love this opportunity to create.

3. Painted Pine Cone Garland

Grab some paint and get ready to make a colourful and cute pine cone garland to spruce up your space this fall.

4. Pine Cone Angel Wings

Nature based decorations for the holidays would be so dreamy. This craft makes a cute angel craft you will want to share with everyone.

5. Pine Cone Owls

These pine cone owls are just a hoot! They are adorable to make and display.

6. Cinnamon Pine Cones

This tutorial will have your home smelling amazing; with a fragrance that will last all fall!

7. Pine Cone Wreath

This craft will have you gathering and preparing pine cones to create a stunning wreath to welcome visitors to your home.

8. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

The birds will love you for this fun way to feed them. Kids will love helping you to make these pine cone bird feeders.

9. Pine Cone Heart Ornaments

Spread a little love with these nature based pine cone heart ornaments. They are lovely!

10. Bleached Pine Cones

Want that white look for your pine cones? Don’t head out to buy them, instead, follow these simple steps to DIY it!

11. Fire Starter Pine Cones DIY With Scented Essential Oils

Going on a camp out? This idea will keep you toasty; no more struggling to light a fire with these fire starter pine cones!

12. Pine Cone Snow Owls

These snowy owls are adorable, and they are made from a pine cone! How cute is that?

I hope you enjoyed these pine cone projects as much as I did! If you make pine cone crafts, please share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter! Also, check out all of our crafts you can make with the family!

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