Flowers are a popular gift choice to gift mothers on Mother’s Day. Instead of giving Mom a fresh set of blooms this year, have you thought about having the kids craft a meaningful and memorable floral gift for Mother’s Day? These are 25 flower crafts for Mother’s Day I am positive your kids will love to make!

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Let’s find out why flowers are a go-to gift to give on this special day and to find some inspiration for kids to craft and gift this year!

Why Do We Give Flowers on Mother’s Day?

With the variety gift ideas available for people to give on Mother’s Day, why are flowers such a popular choice? In North America, celebrating this day began with Anna Jarvis campaigning for a day of recognition for all the work mothers do for their families. The tradition of this special day began when Anna sent 500 white carnations to the mothers of her local church.

What flowers symbolize mother’s day?

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Each flower holds its own special significance for different occasions. There are a few flowers that are popular to gift for Mother’s Day. Below is a list of meanings of popular flowers given on Mother’s Day that you can use as Mother’s Day flower craft ideas:

  • Carnations are seen as the official flower of Mother’s Day signifying purity, faith, love, and the virtue of Motherhood.
  • Roses are a classic choice to give but opt to give Mom either deep pink roses which show appreciation and gratitude, light pink roses that represent happiness and admiration, or peach roses that symbolize gratitude.
  • Tulips are a fabulous choice to gift to Mom, not only because they are in season, but because they symbolize perfect love.
  • Hydrangeas are a multi-pedaled bloom that are lush and signify gratitude, grace, and beauty.

Ideas for Mother’s Day Crafts

If actual flowers are not an option for your kids to gift for Mom this year, a flower craft for Mother’s Day would make a fantastic alternative. There are numerous mediums for kids to choose from to create and give to their special person. These are some ideas for Mother’s Day crafts using paint, paper or felt.

Paint Craft: Paint can be used in many imaginative ways for a Mother’s Day flower craft. Kids can paint flowers onto paper to make cards or paintings. Fun floral designs can also be added to a t-shirt to produce a gift Mom can wear.

Paper Craft: Paper is another medium that yields a plethora of Mother’s Day flower craft ideas. There are a variety of ways paper can be cut and crafted to create a beautiful and colourful Mother’s Day flower bouquet craft. Paper can also be used as a backdrop for other materials to showcase a floral design Mom would love to receive.

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Construction Paper Flowers Craft

If you are looking for a simple and DIY Mother’s Day crafts that also makes a great gift, then you will enjoy this easy construction flower paper craft that you kids can make.

Felt Craft: For something more tactile, felt is a great option to consider for quick easy Mother’s Day crafts. Younger kids can cut out flower shapes out of felt and glue them onto a firm board to create a pretty flower design. Older children can cut and sew flower-shaped pieces of felt to material and frame it to create a piece of art that will surprise Mom on the big day.

25 Flower Crafts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so this means handmade crafts from your kids! These Mother’s Day Flower crafts are easy to make so your little ones can give you or grandma a gift from the heart this year.

I am positive that you cherish the Mother’s Day crafts your kids make for you! When my kids were in preschool or elementary school they love making crafts. If you are like me, I always kept the Mother’s Day crafts my kids made for me. I actually still have a few “Best Mom Ever” certificates and flower crafts preciously stored in my office filing cabinet! It is so special when I open the drawer and see all these Mother’s Day crafts my kids gave me years ago!

  1. Button Flower Pins
  2. Colourful Paper Flower Wreath Craft
  3. Handprint Paper Flower
  4. How to Make Pressed Flower Bookmarks
  5. How to Make Pressed Flower Greeting Cards
  6. Bouquet Tulip Paper Flowers
  7. Easy Mother’s Day Flower Craft [Free Template]
  8. Flower Pop Up Card
  9. Kids Summer Paper Flower Craft
  10. How to Make Tissue Paper Peony Flowers
  11. Heart Bouquet Cards
  12. Felt Flower Craft With Printable Template
  13. Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller
  14. Delicious Dark Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet Tutorial
  15. Water Bottle Flower Craft for Kids
  16. Fingerprint Flower Pot
  17. Colorful DIY Resin Pendants with Organic Flowers
  18. Paper Flowers Made From Straws
  19. Hands Full of Love: Flower Bouquet Craft with Template
  20. DIY Flower Bouquet Mother’s Day Card
  21. Beautiful Paper Rose Craft Tutorial
  22. DIY Picture Frame with Flowers
  23. Recycled Egg Carton Flower Bouquet
  24. DIY Fabulous Flower Wreath
  25. Spring Crepe Paper Flower Wreath Craft

Whatever your child gives you this Mother’s Day, be sure to lavish them with love in return! Let them know that on this day we not only celebrate our status as a Mom, we also celebrate what made us a Mom in the first place, our children!


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