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Breakfast. We all know how important it is. It’s the most important meal of the day. Yet, many of us skip breakfast. It’s easier just to grab a cup of coffee. But what if breakfast could be just as easy as grabbing it and going? It can be. Breakfast parfaits are a wonderful thing to make ahead and stock in the fridge. Grab a parfait for breakfast with a spoon, and you’re out the door.

Easy Breakfast Parfait Recipes

Breakfast parfaits can be made in so many different ways. You can do different flavours of yogurt and granola along with different fruits to create a world of flavours. If you’re making these ahead, the key is to store the granola in a separate container so that it doesn’t get soggy. Depending on the type of fruit you use, you can actually make a few healthy breakfast parfaits to get you through the week.

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These are great for kids. This is something your kids can eat really quick on the way to school. They can also be put in a lunchbox as a healthy dessert option. If you have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit, parfaits are a great option. They are a fun way to serve fruit.

Fruit Variations

Below, you’ll find several easy breakfast parfait recipes. There are so many different combinations that there’s literally something for everyone. You can also use frozen fruit if it’s the middle of winter and there’s no fresh fruit that’s in season. You can even use canned fruit packed in fruit juice.

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26 Breakfast Parfaits

With all the flavours of yogurt currently available, you can create some truly delicious breakfast parfaits. Imagine one with banana yogurt, a layer of peanut butter, and slices of bananas topped with granola. That’s just one option. Be creative.

  1. Berry Yogurt Breakfast Parfait
  2. Make Ahead Breakfast Parfaits
  3. Peach Pie Breakfast Parfaits
  4. Fruit Chia Pudding Parfait
  5. Weight Watchers Yogurt Parfait
  6. Chia Breakfast Parfait
  7. Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Parfait
  8. Peaches and Cream Yogurt Parfait 
  9. Healthy Blueberry Parfait
  10. Peach Crisp Parfait
  11. Healthy Pumpkin Parfait
  12. Dragon Fruit Parfait
  13. Low Carb Yogurt Parfait with Strawberries, Flax, and Chia Seeds
  14. Rainbow Unicorn Fruit Parfaits
  15. Berry Topper Parfait, a Jamba Juice Copycat recipe
  16. Maple Cinnamon Oats and Vanilla Greek Yogurt Parfaits
  17. Mandarin Orange and Blueberry Yogurt Parfait
  18. Mango Parfait
  19. Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Parfait
  20. Greek Yogurt Parfait 
  21. Fruit, Cereal, & Yogurt Parfait 
  22. Cranberry Apple Parfait
  23. Five Minute Fruit, Yogurt, and Cereal Parfait
  24. Gluten-Free Chocolate Almond Butter Breakfast Parfaits
  25. Raspberry Pretzel Parfait
  26. S’mores Breakfast Parfait

Hope you enjoy these easy breakfast parfaits as much as I did! Also, check out all of our recipes! What’s your favourite breakfast parfait? Share your suggestions below.

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