3 Ideas for Decorating with Pumpkins this Fall

Let fall’s favourite gourd be your guide as you decorate your home both inside and out. Decorate with pumpkins as front-door décor, fireplace accents and table decorations.

Are you looking to decorate your home for the fall? Look no further than the pumpkin patch – or the local supermarket – for beautiful seasonal decorations. Pumpkins are the decorating staple for the fall season and can adorn your home from the first hint of cool air to the time the Christmas lights go up.

They come in a variety of shades from clean white to classic orange and in any size you want. No matter what look you’re after, let the following three decorating ideas with pumpkins inspire your home décor.

1. A Front Door Pumpkin Display


Greet your guests at any fall party with a welcoming pumpkin display outdoor from sidewalk to doorbell. It’s easy to do if you take advantage of the outdoor décor already in place.

  1. Starting with the walkway, line several pumpkins in a row leading to the front door.
  2. If you have a window box, place a layer of hay on bottom, then fill with small pumpkins for a change from typical flowers.
  3. Finally, keep your planters on either side of the door. If they contain tall plants like topiaries, simply arrange a few pumpkins at the base of the plant. Otherwise, place one large pumpkin in each planter for a simple statement.

2. Dress Up a Fireplace with Pumpkins

With its warm, crackly fire and central location within a room, the fireplace is a prime spot for seasonal displays. Pick one of these three pumpkin decorating ideas or use them all to create a fall focal point for your fireplace.

Mantel: Choose a large, well-rounded pumpkin to place front and centre. Scatter smaller ones to each side and weave a garland of leaves between them.

Hearth: Create a miniature pumpkin patch by arranging several pumpkins of all shapes and sizes along the hearthhttps://sanctuaryhomedecor.com/fall-fireplace-decorating-tips/. If you have small kids, use pretty baskets to corral the gourds for a similar look.

Firebox: Some homes have a beautiful but non-functioning fireplace. Make it work to your advantage by filling it to the brim with pumpkins for a creative arrangement.

3. Perfect Pumpkin Tabletop

Decorating Ideas with PumpkinsPin

Pumpkins pop up on tabletops all season long as decoration, centrepieces and place card holders. Try orange pumpkins with white linens for classic style or white pumpkins on a background of black to make a dramatic statement.

  1. Create a table runner of pumpkins down the length of the table.
  2. Arrange pumpkins of different colours and sizes in the middle of the table.
  3. For a simple, yet elegant look, place one on a black cake pedestal in the middle of the table.
  4. Put a small pumpkin at each guest’s seat holding a small card with his or her name.

These ideas for decorating with pumpkins will certainly embellish your home during the fall season!

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