3 Things You Can Do to Create a Calm Space

Our personal space has a big impact on how we feel . For me, having a space that helps me feel calm and centred is really important. Here are 3 things I’ve done in my space that have helped me in achieving a sense of calmness.

1. Adding Colour

I used to only have tones of black and white in my personal space and found that it wasn’t as welcoming. Recently I added some green and terracotta tones in the form of artwork and objects around my space and have found myself feeling a bit lighter and calmer. Adding colour to a space can really make a difference in how you feel. Although I went for a green tone you can choose any colour that you’d like. You can bring it into your space in the form of artwork, objects or even painting a wall (if you’re able to).

2. Plants

Being out in nature can help us feel better. Living in Canada, the weather is often unpredictable. Placing some plants within your home can help give you the same feeling. I was able to find some indoor tropical plants that I’ve added to my home. Having them there makes my place brighter. It also helps me build a routine as I learn to take care of them and hope to see them grow.

3. Lighting

Sometimes all you need to add to a space to make it more welcoming and calm is light. Something I’ve found that has helped is finding darker spaces in my home and adding light there. For me, it’s my living room space. I was able to go onto Facebook marketplace and found a second hand lamp that I’ve placed in my living room to make it brighter. This has really helped lift my mood, especially on early mornings when the sun hasn’t come up yet.

These are 3 of the few things that I’ve done to help make my space a bit more calm and welcoming. There are many other ways you can approach this, but give some of these a try and see how you feel.

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