3 Tips to Start a Self Care Everyday Challenge

A goal of mine this year has been to incorporate self-care into my daily routine rather than leaving it only for times when I’m not feeling my best. Getting into the practice of doing self-care can sometimes feel overwhelming, at least it did for me. So I did what I do best when I find something difficult to do, make a competitive game out of it. I decided to choose 28 self-care activities that I wanted to engage in for the month. Each activity would then be put on a spinning wheel, at the beginning of the day I would spin the wheel and whatever self-care activity came up I would do that day. I also decided to journal the process. If you’re interested in trying this “challenge” here are 3 things you should do and be mindful of:  

  1. Choose activities that address stressors and/or fall under the different types of self-care.
    Although this is a challenge, it’s also a way for you to try new self-care activities in a safe space. Take some time to reflect on what is happening in your life at the time and what things would help you while navigating this. You can also write out the different types of self-care (social, physical, spiritual, emotional/mental) and find a few self-care activities that fit under each section. You also don’t need to choose 28, I chose that number to coincide with my age. 

  1. Make adjustments along the way.
    Remember that this is a way for you to explore different self-care practices. If you try something and feel it isn’t helping you in any sort of way you can take it out and add something else. Self-care practices should be adjusted to meet your needs. 

  1. Be patient with yourself.
    There may be days when doing a self-care practice feels overwhelming, it’s okay if you miss a day or adjust how you do the self-care activity. Remember that you don’t have to perfect your self-care routine, the goal here is to be as consistent as possible. 

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