3 Ways to Enjoy this Mixed Weather

April this year has come with a mixture of weather which can make it hard to enjoy the outdoors and make plans. Although met with disappointment, here are 3 things I’ve done to make it so the weather never has me down. 

1. Carry an umbrella/poncho

April showers bring May flowers. We never know when it’s going to rain this month. As much as I enjoy the rain, I don’t want to get caught in it. I’ve started carrying a poncho just in my fanny pack or if I have room for an umbrella. This ensures that I can still move around without getting wet. It also gives me an excuse to go on walks even when the weather isn’t sunny. 

2. Be flexible 

We all make plans and when they change against our wishes it can be disheartening. Learning to be flexible is important around this time. For example, if I’m buying tickets to something outdoors I read the fine print to see if it’s refundable due to weather. If not, I try not to buy the ticket. I’d rather wait when the weather is consistent. I also try to plan two different activities with friends so if one isn’t possible we can still meet and do something. Having the flexibility to adjust plans makes life simpler and leads to less disappointment. 

3.Wear layers 

This is important, especially during this month. Wearing layers of clothing lets you adjust to the cold and warm temperatures as they occur. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are wearing summer clothes and the temperature drops. This also helps protect you from potentially falling ill. If you don’t like wearing layers like myself I like to keep a light jacket that I’m comfortable with on me just in case I need it. 

I hope these tips will help you as you plan for the rest of the month until we get some consistent weather.

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