This month, we celebrated Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Neurodivergence is a word that can be used to describe the wide variety of differences in the ways that our brains process information and respond. Within the Neurodiversity umbrella are a range of terms to categorize the ways that people experience the world differently from what was previously understood as “typical”. At mindyourmind, we focus on bringing you information and tips about your mental health. Though mental health is different from neurodiversity, neurodiverse individuals can experience positive or negative mental health, too and the experience of navigating your mental health while being neurodiverse can be different from someone who is “neurotypical”. In light of this, we wanted to shine a light on some of the incredible ways that neurodiverse individuals have found to understand how they see and think about the world on the road to achieving positive mental health. Check out their content and see if you learn something new for yourself or for someone else. 

  1. thespectrumgirl – Charlotte Bergslien has autism and ADHD and shares openly about how being neurodiverse affects her life in areas from perceiving social situations to overstimulation to “masking” and how this affects her life. This post shares the good things about being autistic. 
  2. connor.dewolfe – Connor DeWolfe is a creator who shares funny skits with himself to show how his mind processes the world with ADHD. Check out this Instagram video that shows how ADHD affects his home. 
  3. drjenwolkin – Dr. Jen Wolkin is a neurodivergent neuropsychologist who shares information on trauma, therapy and the impact of ADHD. Start here on Instagram to learn about executive dysfunction.
  4. understoodorg – This account features content from Understood.org, an organization focused on providing assistance, tools and information for individuals who learn and think differently.
  5. Neurominds – Finally, for a daily dose of learning and humour, check out this account called Neurodivergent Minds for daily memes. 
  6. baylen.dupree – Baylen Dupree is a TikTok creator who shares how Tourette’s affects many different areas of her life, such as sleep, cooking and lighting a candle. 

We would love to hear from you about your experiences navigating mental health and neurodiversity or other content creators you follow, learn from and love. We all think, learn, and look at life so differently and neurodivergence reminds us to celebrate our differences. With different people’s views and experiences, we can create better, engage better and develop a world that is safe for all to live in. 


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