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Throughout high school or until I was 18, I guess mental health was never really talked about . I come from an Eastern European background, both my parents are directly from Slovakia. And it’s not really talked about at all. I remember one time I came home and I was saying how I was feeling really anxious about an exam coming up. And it’s just the classic like, toughen up. You got this, like there’s no need to talk about it more, just sweep it under the rug type of thing. So that really, that really kind of stuck with me. And my parents didn’t know about mental health or mental health resources, which is obviously why and I think that was a big reason for tossing myself into it and educating myself more. And then coming into sports. Sports is obviously a very difficult place for mental health. I played at a high level for hockey. And that’s when I got my concussion. And even when that happened, it was just like, When can you play again? You’re fine. We can’t see any physical injury on you. You’re okay. So that was a turning point, I think when I decided, Okay, I think I should go to school and really focus on something different than this. And then as far as university goes, when I first joined active minds, I was just a general member, super shy, just went to all the events and had a good time. And then slowly rose up into thinking, hey, I wanted to start to lead this club, take on a more executive position and start really improving my mental health literacy so I can help out my friends and family around me. From that, I came into this role as president this year, it’s been absolutely phenomenal. My team is incredible. Like such people, such great personalities all coming together to like, create this common goal that we all have improving mental health.

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