An amazing BC Mini-Entrepreneur, 9 year old, creator of Lily Lou’s Aromas

An amazing BC Mini-Entrepreneur, 9 year old, creator of Lily Lou's Aromas - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Local BC wax melt and candle brand expands product line-up with new Enchanted Ritual collection

Lily Lou’s Aromas, a BC-based home care brand, is excited to launch their new line of luxury candles, Enchanted Ritual, on August 21st in celebration of founder,  Lily Harper’s ninth birthday. 

The latest collection of soy-based candles come in beautiful glass vessels that sparkle in the light.  Enchanted Ritual is sure to provide a gorgeous pop of colour to homes while eluding divine scents curated by Lily. The luxury line is available in 4 delicious smelling scents: Opal Essence, Champagne  Showers, Mystical Skies, and Iridescent Sun.  

Lily Lou’s Aromas offer delectable scents in the form of wax melts, candles, and sprays. Every product is named aptly after people and moments that inspire Lily and convey happiness to her. The luxury line launches not only a new look to the Lily Lou brand but is specially designed with scents that transport you to a world of mystic and magic.  

All wax melts and candles are hand poured by Lily in her at-home workshop in Surrey under the supervision of her parents. The Enchanted Ritual candles are 7oz and burn between 35-40 hours.  Similar to all other Lily Lou’s Aromas wax products, they are all 100% renewable soy-based, phthalate free and contain FSC-certified wooden wicks.  

Once the candle has been fully melted, the glass jars are able to be repurposed as a jewellery dish,  plant pot or extra home decor. Customers are also able to mail in the empty vessel for a discount on their next purchase.

An amazing BC Mini-Entrepreneur, 9 year old, creator of Lily Lou's Aromas - BC Parent Newsmagazine

How did Lily get started?

What started as a homeschool learning approach and project to raise funds for her extracurricular activities,  gymnastics and figure skating, Lily Lou’s Aromas quickly took off when Lily expressed her delight with this new way of learning. Minipreneur Lily struggled with traditional teaching methods at school, and together with her parents, they experimented with different learning styles until one worked.

Lily has no shortage of new goals and ideas for herself and her small business. Failure is not a concept at Lily Lou’s Aromas. As a minipreneur, not yet learned in the art of failing, Lily simply says, “You just  do it again and fix it.” 

An amazing BC Mini-Entrepreneur, 9 year old, creator of Lily Lou's Aromas - BC Parent Newsmagazine

We asked Lily a couple of other questions to share more of her insights.

What did you do before this?
I was actually in school and now I have my own business! I left school to do homeschooling and started learning about products, inventory, sales and other topics when we opened a little store for my homeschooling! We started playing around with candle making and wax melt making and one thing led to another. This is my first very own business and I love it!

What are your future plans?:
My future plans are to reach my goal of having a warehouse, having my own office where I can make my own videos and do my work. I also want to have a giant pot where I can have tons of wax and make absolutely everything.
I’d also like to stack my own shelves with lots of products that I make. Another goal is that I’d like to be in Indigo, Nordstrom and!

Advice to give other young entrepreneurs?:
Stay on track and stay organized! I get out a pad and write the 3 most important things for me to get done for the day, like fix something on my website, fill out some orders or ship some orders. And I tick them off as I go. I do the same thing every day to stay on track. It helps me a lot!

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