An Anthology of Aquatic Life

An Anthology of Aquatic
 is a beautiful
collection of knowledge about anything and everything to do with the ocean. It
is huge, a whole 224 pages, and filled to the brim with interesting information
and descriptions of sea life from the intriguing blue sea dragon to the rather
terrifying goblin shark. 

This book has everything
in it about the ocean. I loved the descriptions of the animals and the little
facts here and there. One of my favourite animals featured is the
rainbow-coloured scale worm, which Hume has suggested should be called
something more suitable like ‘disco glittersnapper’ or ‘rainbow ravager’.


The book is separated
into different sections beginning with the deep ocean and moving on to shallow
seas and wetlands. Hume provides information on a variety of things from
different plants (such as the floating bladderwort, a vicious omnivorous plant
that looks like some kind of monster from Stranger Things) to ecosystems and
history. It also features a handy visual guide at the end of the book, so
little ones can flick through and find their favourites.

The illustrations are
gorgeous and complement the stunning photography that features throughout. The
pages are big and the font is large and easy to read – perfect for its intended

An Anthology of Aquatic Life has a huge encyclopaedic amount of
knowledge in it that will suit a big age range from little ones who want to
look at the pictures, to primary school children who will be absorbed by the
facts. As author Sam Hume states in the introduction to this book ‘If you have an explorer’s
spirit, and a thirst for finding something new, then aquatic life will never


The physical book itself
is stunning with a handsome deep blue hardcover with gold holographic foil
illustrations and title, along with gold gilt edging on the pages – making it
pretty enough to live on the coffee table, but entertaining enough to keep kids
glued to the pages. 

An Anthology of Aquatic Life
Author: Sam Hume
Illustrators: Angela Rizza and Daniel Long
Publisher: DK, $39.99
Publication Date: 20 September, 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780241546321
For ages: 7 – 9
Type: Non-Fiction

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