We had the privilege of speaking with Armand King, the Founder and Director of Program Development at Walk With Me Impact located in San Diego, California. This organization is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges that at-risk youth face by providing curriculum-based services, training, and resources.

In our engaging conversation, Armand talks with mindyourmind about the transformative power of mentorship and lived experiences in supporting at-risk youth who often face complex challenges. Armand sheds light on how these challenges disproportionately affect BIPOC youth, emphasizing the importance of addressing these disparities. Additionally, Armand shares inspiring moments from his journey of developing Walk With Me Impact, giving us a glimpse into the passion that drives this impactful organization.


1:45 – Can you give us an insight into what Walk With Me Impact does and your work with at-risk youth?

9:00 – Walk with Me Impact centers on the importance of lived experience and mentorship. What are its benefits in supporting youth? Why is it important to center the voices of those with lived experience?

14:14 – What’s been your favourite moment on this journey of developing Walk With Me Impact?

19:25 – For those listening, what does activism look like? How can we support your mission in our own communities?

22:45 – We know BIPOC youth are disproportionately affected by these difficult circumstances. How can we better support youth to foster positive change?

24:42 – What do mental health conversations and awareness look like in your work?

32:59 – How can those interested in your curriculum access and find it?

33:56 – If all the youth of the world could hear a message from you, what would you say? 

Armand, we appreciate you allowing us an insight into the passion behind Walk With Me Impact. Thanks so much for sharing your impactful journey and work with at-risk youth. Your commitment is truly inspiring! 

Learn more and find their curriculum-based resources at wwmimpact.com or connect with them over their social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and TikTok.


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