Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse Review

Encouraging kids to want to get outside to play is becoming a difficult task with the convenience of screens at their fingertips. Backyard Discovery wants to help give kids another option to choose for playtime with their collection of play structures. Backyard Discovery asked my family to review and see if their Sweetwater Playhouse would help bring fun and imagination to outdoor play at our home. We could not wait to see how much fun our little guy would have playing in his new “home.”

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Who is Backyard Discovery?

Backyard Discovery provides a variety of ready-to-assemble outdoor play and patio structures for people to enjoy. Their “Play” section offers swing sets, playhouses, and elevated play sets and slides to make playing outside a more imaginative experience.

What is the Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse?

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The Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse is made for kids young (and some older at heart, too) to explore and imagine while being outdoors. It is constructed out of cedar wood that is panelized to make putting it together easy. The front of this structure features a half-door and flowerpot holders you can put an array of objects in to make this house feel more like a home. The snack window allows for kids to imaginatively whip up and serve snacks to friends during playtime. Other fun features are the play sink, stove, and cordless phone to expand your child’s playtime fun. It is recommended for children ages 2-10 years-old.

Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse Review

Even before we had the Sweetwater Playhouse assembled, our little guy wanted to begin his adventures in his new play home.

Simple Assembly and Set-up of the Sweetwater Playhouse

My husband kindly took on the task of assembling the Sweetwater Playhouse.

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We liked that were virtual instructions (through the Built app) and a booklet option of the instruction manual to view to accomplish this task. My guy chose to use the physical manual to tackle this build. The instructions for putting this playhouse together were simple and straightforward. Each step laid out which pieces and tools needed be used.

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From start to finish, my husband took under three hours to build this playhouse. The instructions recommend that two people should help to construct this structure. For the most part, my husband was able to handle this job on his own.

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Once his new playhouse was completed, my son loved the sound of the doorbell, and thought it was funny every time it was rung. He even enjoys locking and unlocking the front door.

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The kitchen is my little guy’s favourite place to play when he is in this playhouse. To add to the imaginative play of this structure, a set of pots, a spatula, and a cooking spoon come along with the kitchen. While at this part of the playhouse, my son loves twisting the switches on the stove, and “washing” (really, it was smashing) the pots in the kitchen’s sink.  

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The playhouse’s portable phone is another favourite thing to play with! My little guy has fun taking the phone out of its cradle then pretending to have a conversation while at home. 

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The added touches around this playhouse are the features I really loved. Backyard Discovery were thoughtful enough to add windowless panes to some of the windows and to have spots for flowerpots. These little things really make the Sweetwater Playhouse more of a home. 

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If there is one issue we had with the Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse, it would be that we wished there were more play areas within the structure. It would have added to the feel of the playhouse to see a living room area as a part of the walls in the front part of the house so more fun could be had when the door is closed. 

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A High Recommendation for the Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse

Overall, our family is happy to have our Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Playhouse as a part of our backyard. It was simple for my husband to assemble, and once it was completed, my son loves playing and “living in his mini home away from home. This play structure will now give him a new reason to want to go outside to play for a longer period of time this summer. 

I learned more about Backyard Discovery and the many other structures they have to offer by following their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInInstagram, and YouTube channels.

Disclaimer: I was given items from Backyard Discovery to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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