Beacon House Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC)

The Beacon House Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) is expected to open in London, ON by the end of the month. Beacon House is one of over 30 CYACs in Canada, which are an initiative of Justice Canada. These CYACs aim to be safe spaces that provide a multidisciplinary team for children, youth, and families who have experienced abuse. As it is in most communities without CYACs, children and youth in the London-Middlesex area are often required to speak about the abuse to several professionals, typically all in different locations. Having to repeatedly recount their trauma like this often adds more trauma. Thus, the hope for CYACs is that they can decrease the risk of this additional trauma by having a coordinated approach with these professionals all in one location. The centres also connect these children and youth with an advocate worker who will guide them in the process of abuse investigations and connect them with community and long-term supports. The London Family Court Clinic is the lead agency for Beacon House, and their offices on Pall Mall Street are where the centre will be housed.

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