Benefits of Strength Training For Women

I discovered strength training in University during my Kinesiology studies. I loved the way I felt and looked and how great it was to clear my head during a workout. I often encounter women who are afraid to strength train for fear of bulking up or looking too muscular. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of strength training for women!

Benefits of Strength Training For WomenPin
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Benefits of Strength Training For Women

Ladies, this is very difficult to do! Unless you are supplementing with some questionable substances, getting bulky is not likely to happen! In fact, many women who strength train look toned, lean and compact. That is because muscle is dense and it takes up less room than fat does.

There are so many amazing benefits to strength training such as:

  1. increase metabolism and muscle tone
  2. increase bone density
  3. improve posture
  4. correction of muscle imbalances
  5. decrease back pain
  6. improve balance, stability and functional movement
  7. lower blood pressure

Home exercises

These are just to name a few. Many of my new clients are surprised to hear that one workout a week can be beneficial. It’s also not necessary to have an expensive gym membership or work with a trainer 2-3 times a week. A few exercises done at home such as squats, push ups and planks can work wonders. Of course, going to the gym and working with a trainer to get to that next level is beneficial but not necessary to reap the health benefits. I design many take home programs that can be done in your home with little to no equipment (just a bit of open space).

The Benefits of Strength Training For WomenPin
The Benefits of Strength Training For Women

Try a set of push ups during a TV commercial, a set of squats while brushing your teeth and a plank hold on the floor when you’re playing with your kids. It can be done and better to squeeze it in in small doses than none at all.

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