As a result of the BounceBack Design Lab, Fall 2023, we created a Zine called Beyond the Surface that acts as a wreck-it journal and activity book highlighting some elements and messages of the BounceBack program. Many of the pages feature artwork created by the youth, and each element was carefully chosen and discussed with the team. The Zine is filled with fun activities and thought-provoking prompts that can help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. You’ll also have the opportunity to reflect on how you cope and learn effective ways to navigate through different situations that may impact your mood. Additionally, you can discover wellness tips and take on some fun ideas to support you along the way. Overall, the team wanted the zine to be a great peak into the BounceBack program, helping you explore your own self-awareness and personal growth!

Check out BounceBackOntario.ca to learn more about the Zine and how to access the BounceBack program. 


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