All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

[ad_1] By Dr. David Laing Dawson This clever little book was published in 1989 and is still going strong. And I was reminded of it last night while watching commentary on the Israel Hamas Gaza war, and the overnight missile and drone attacks by Iran, as I listened to pundits, commentators, military historians, retired generals, […]

Homelessness and the Failure of Government

[ad_1] By Marvin Ross Over the past few months, we’ve done a number of blogs on the problems of supportive housing using a Christian charity (Indwell) as the example and published some research on how it operates by Karen Allin in Mississauga. Karen has no personal involvement with serious mental illness but she was concerned […]

The Most Adorable Piggy Bank! –

[ad_1] The thrift store I frequent is located right next to my local grocery store, so I often go in for a quick lift in my mood by sifting through their library for any new books or little amusing knick-knacks. Last week, on my way to finish up my groceries, as usual I made a […]

Announcing the Redesign of!

[ad_1] We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you! has undergone a makeover! Since 2004, mindyourmind has been dedicated to fostering connections between young people and communities, empowering them […] The post Announcing the Redesign of! appeared first on . [ad_2] Source link

Guest Blog Have the Supports Disappeared from Supportive Housing?

[ad_1] Karen Allin The Housing First model is based on the theory that if homelessness is caused by a lack of housing, then provide people with immediate access to affordable, supportive housing. Supports need to address: mental and physical health, substance abuse, education, employment and general life skills. Critical Characteristics of Supported Housing and Seeking […]

Guest Blog: A Personal Account of Struggling with Schizophrenia

[ad_1] By Douglas James Brown with an introduction by Marvin Ross Early on in my advocacy, I read the following op ed by Mr Brown that appeared in the Hamilton spectator. That was about 2005 and I was so taken with it that I got permission to have it reprinted in the website schizophrenia. Mr. […]

6 Accounts to Follow to Celebrate Neurodiversity –

[ad_1] This month, we celebrated Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Neurodivergence is a word that can be used to describe the wide variety of differences in the ways that our brains process information and respond. Within the Neurodiversity umbrella are a range of terms to categorize the ways that people experience the world differently from what was […]

Collaborative Person and Family Centred Care – A video presentation.

[ad_1] I’m trying something new this week. Instead of a written blog, this is a video of a presentation given in March 2020 to Home on the Hill in Richmond Hill, Ontario by Dr Nick Kates. At the time, Kates was chair of the McMaster University Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences Program (now retired) and a […]

Guest Blog: A Mother’s Plea to Canadian Researchers

[ad_1] By Kathleen Mochnacki Surveys to obtain information from family caregivers of those with severe mental illnesses can provide an opportunity to get genuinely useful information about significant problems that family caregivers encounter in trying to get appropriate help for their family members or themselves Such surveys need to recognize how the lack of appropriate […]

Attacking Cultural Events – Further Growth of Anti-Semitism

[ad_1] By Marvin Ross The Playhouse Cinema in Hamilton Ontario is the latest organization to punish Jews because of Pro-Hamas demonstrations against the war in the Middle East and it is discriminatory and despicable. The Hamilton Jewish Federation had arranged to hold its Jewish Film Festival in April at the Playhouse back in December according […]