In a
world that often feels like it’s not built for everyone, Square Me, Round
World: Stories
of growing up in a world not built for you offers a
refreshing and insightful perspective on the lives of Autistic/ADHDer

As an author, psychologist, and advocate, I’d like to share a
personal journey that has led to the creation of this book aimed at bridging
the understanding gap and fostering inclusivity.

I am
deeply passionate about advocating for the rights and well-being of Autistic
and ADHDer individuals. 

With a professional background as a psychologist and
lived experience as an Autistic/ADHDer parent of two neurodivergent children, I
dedicate a significant portion of my life to supporting my community.

creation of Square Me, Round World can be traced back to the Yellow
Ladybugs Conference in Melbourne in 2023. This conference, designed to educate
attendees about supporting Autistic girls and gender-diverse youth, became a
turning point for me. It was at this event that I connected with fellow
Autistic/ADHDer psychologists, finding a sense of comfort and acceptance that
had been elusive throughout my life. The experience of being welcomed to be
one’s authentic self, complete with weighted blankets, fidgets, squishmallows,
and a camaraderie that extended to navigating public transport, inspired me to
share the beauty of Autistic friendships.

spark of inspiration ignited at midnight when I decided to write a story that
illustrated the richness and uniqueness of Autistic relationships. Fueled by
personal experiences, chapter two of Square Me, Round World (Finding Your Flock) was written on the notes app of my mobile phone. Over the
next few months, I continued to craft stories about feeling different, masking,
rejection-sensitive dysphoria, burnout, sensory overwhelm, and sleep struggles.
These stories, initially shared with friends, resonated so deeply that the idea
of turning them into a book took root.

to a certain impulsivity, I ventured into the unfamiliar world of publishing
with the support of an incredible team. Eliza Fricker, renowned
author/illustrator of Thumbsucker and Can’t Not Won’t, brought the stories
to life with captivating illustrations. Belinda Bolliger patiently edited the
words, ensuring the clarity and authenticity of my voice, while Jo Hunt
provided a stunning cover and book design. Together, we were the dream team
that brought Square Me, Round World into existence.

However, Square Me, Round World is not just a collection of stories; it is my
earnest attempt to provide insights into the lives of Autistic/ADHDer
individuals. By sharing these stories, I hope that those who struggle to fit
into the often *round* world will find representation and validation in
the narratives they read. Beyond that, the book serves as an opportunity for
readers to build a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences of
neurodivergent individuals and work together towards creating a world that
embraces differences—perhaps more of a squircle? Through these stories and the
collaborative efforts of the dream team behind the book, Square Me, Round
invites readers to explore, empathise, and champion inclusivity in
a world not *yet* quite shaped for everyone.


Chelsea is an Autistic/ADHDer psychologist, and is the proud owner of
Connect Us Psychology. With a deep-rooted commitment to the Autistic/ADHD
community, Chelsea dedicates her professional life to supporting Autistic/ADHD
individuals across the lifespan. Chelsea is also a parent to two young
neurodivergent children. Drawing from her lived and clinical experience,
Chelsea wrote “Square Me, Round World” to provide a deep dive into the lives
and minds of Autistic and ADHDer individuals, with the hope that this would
contribute to the journey toward an inclusive world where every glittering part
of every individual is celebrated and embraced.

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