Completing Applications: Taking it one Step at a Time

I recently had to complete an important application that would determine my future and next steps. This process brought up a lot of emotions, and I realized how some applications can feel very stressful and overwhelming. I wanted to share with you a few of the goals and small steps I took to help ease some of the pressure and anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety can lead to procrastination, making everything feel much more stressful especially if the deadline is fast approaching. Creating a checklist was very helpful; it was a great way to see everything I needed to complete and organize tasks based on priority. Breaking down the application into smaller tasks made it feel more manageable. 

Something else I found helpful was working in short bursts. Instead of trying to complete the entire application in one sitting, I committed to working for an hour or two each day. This goal helped me reduce feeling overwhelmed and provided a sense of accomplishment when completing each task. After working productively during this timeframe, I made sure to do a fun self care activity, such as exercise, meditation, or spending time with loved ones, to recharge and return to a relaxed state.

Finally, I made a bold but practical goal – to finish the entire application a week before the submission deadline. This goal gave me enough time to share the application with people I trust who can provide me with meaningful feedback and suggestions. It was particularly helpful as having that valuable perspective gave me peace of mind and reassured me that I met all the requirements and criteria. 

Whether you are completing an application for school, work, or any other important opportunity, remember to give yourself grace and take it one step at a time.

You got this!


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