Contrary Thoughts for September 2022

By Dr. David Laing Dawson

  • Banning books in 2022? Genius. What better way to get teens interested in books, actual physical, printed on paper books.
  • Don’t prosecute Trump. Just let him get more and more ridiculous and outrageous. For every ten percent increase in depravity he loses about 1% of his people. If you prosecute you will make him a martyr for several armed militias.
  • We humans are not capable of switching off fossil fuels in time to save the planet. It is not in our nature to give something up until we have to. Until we feel sufficient personal pain. Just ask any addict. Please take a harder look at all the technologies for capturing carbon and either using it or sequestering it.
  • The principal demographic of drug addiction (non college educated males between 20 and 50) is the same demographic displaced by robots in the work force. Coincidence?
  • Can’t we just acknowledge that there is a biology of gender as well as a social construct of gender expectations?
  • Economic growth is accepted as a good thing, a goal. How about we change that ideal in the developed world for economic stability with better distribution of wealth?
  • I just read an article about Fuller Torrey having Parkinsons and calling it a “weird disease”. But what struck me was the author mentioning that Torrey was a “proponent of anti-psychotic treatment for schizophrenia”. And in 2022 that read as anachronistic as labelling someone a “Proponent of anti-biotic treatment for bacterial infection.”
  • Most recent scientific reports on the dangers of drinking alcohol have the maximum number of alcoholic drinks one should imbibe down to 2 per week. I shall have to shorten my week.
  • I no longer have a medial meniscus in my left knee. Why does it still hurt?
  • When Putin started the war in Ukraine the news was full of the horrors, the death, destruction and pain caused by this war, and any war. Six months later as this same war grinds on the little news there is, is dominated by pundits, retired generals, discussing war tactics and weapons, and ground being, possibly, won or lost. I can find more information on Pete Davidson’s short affair with Kim Kardashian than the war in Ukraine. We are doomed.

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