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Word search puzzles are a fun way to pass time and, if your kids love them as much as I do, then they will love this Disney Word Search about snacks.

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When you travel with the family, word search puzzles will help pass the time as you head to your destination. You can buy paper books full of word searches with many different themes or you can print some off to take with you on your family trip. When you print this easy Disney word search printable, find a binder or even a clipboard to hold it.

I have been doing word search puzzles since I was a kid and over the years it gets easier to find the words. Once you spend time doing this Disney word search puzzle with your kids, they will want more Disney word searches to print and eventually find their own way of solving them. To help you out, you can also follow these word search tips below.

Word Search Tips

There are rules for almost every game that we should all follow. If everyone played their own rules in the games, no one would know how to play. There are rules for word search puzzles, and the rules are pretty basic; however, there are many tips, strategies, and tricks. Most word search puzzles will let you know the rules ahead of time.

In all word search puzzles, words will be hidden in a grid of letters. Words will be placed forward, backwards, up and down. You may also find that some words can be found diagonally. To make it a bit more difficult in finding the words, some may overlap with another word. Have your children search the grid of letters until they find all the words from the themed list. When they find a word either put a line through it or circle the word (I prefer to circle the words).

Just remember the more letters the puzzle has, the more difficult it will be to solve. Make sure to use a pencil when you first start doing puzzles, this way if your children make a mistake they can erase it and begin again.

Look at the list of words and have your children pick one or two to begin. Start at the top and have them look left to right on each row until you reach the bottom. Once they get to the bottom change directions and go right to left. This will help them find words that may be backward. Once they have finished searching horizontally begin to search vertically. Start on the left side going from top to bottom and then bottom to top. Finish off by going diagonally, if it is the rules for the word search you are completing.

If your kids are having trouble finding words, the easiest way is to look at the first letter of a word and search the letters looking for each occurrence of that letter. When they do find a word make sure they cross it off the list. Once your kids have found all the words, the puzzle is solved!

Kids Word Search Printable

Planning on visiting Disney World or Disneyland than this is the perfect word search for kids of all ages. This kids word search printable will keep them busy and, at the same time, they will be excited thinking about the snacks they will try after finding them in this Disney word search.

Now that you have learned about word search puzzles, you are ready to hit print to put this Disney word search printable in the hands of your kids.

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