Eddie Woo’s Wonderful World of STEM

Eddie Woo made his name as Mister Wootube, the high school maths
teacher who records lessons and shares them online, amassing millions
of subscribers and views.

Eddie Woo’s Wonderful World of STEM is an activity book,
the kind that you can write and draw in. It takes a stack of STEM
concepts and demonstrates them using simple explanations and

This is fun stuff and features marble runs, paper planes,
and building with spaghetti.

Learn about the Fibonacci sequence and how to find patterns in
nature. A photo and diagram of a sunflower demonstrate the spiral
patterns which can be counted to discover a Fibonacci number.

Explore robotics with an experiment that helps explain balance and
its importance to the movement of robots. It’s a simple experiment
using a pair of skewers and a bag of marshmallows. Another one uses
paddle pop sticks to demonstrate the conversion of potential energy
into kinetic energy.

Other topics featured include shapes, fractals, symmetry, space,
letters and words, clouds, building materials, and lots more. There’s
also a ‘top secret’ section of the book with the answers to the

It’s been a while since I was at school and learning these
concepts myself, and this book is a great refresher. It’s the kind you can browse and dip in and out of. 

STEM is everywhere.
It’s the Science that helps us understand the natural world.
It’s the Technology that uses knowledge and principles to invent tools.
It’s the Engineering that solves problems and builds our modern environment.
It’s the Maths that explores the patterns in the universe.

Eddie Woo is passionate and gifted in helping to make sense of STEM concepts, and Eddie Woo’s Wonderful World of STEM is a great book to have at home or school, for both children and adults to learn about and see the concepts in the world around us. Highly recommended.

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Title: Eddie Woo’s Wonderful World of STEM

Author: Eddie Woo

Illustrator: Alissa Dinallo

Publisher: Macmillan, $ 19.99

Publication Date: October 2023

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781761266843

For ages: 7+

Type: Activity Book

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