Fave Finds: Online Colour Generator

Adding colour into all aspects of my life is something that brings me a lot of joy. Recently I’ve started incorporating colours into how I organise my google drive, sheets and documents. Trying to feel more organized and put together is overwhelming for me. Adding colours makes interacting with these documents a lot more fun and engaging. 

Usually what I do is look at the set of colours provided on the doc and try to create my own pallet. I recently came across a website called Coolors that has a colour palette generator tool and it’s changed how I create my palettes. Coolors gives you the opportunity to generate a custom palette and also lets you explore trending palettes. My favourite is the generator. The tool provides you with a set of 5 different colours that you can change up using the spacebar on your keyboard until you find a palette that you like. I usually use this to find colour palettes that will work with the document I’m working on but sometimes I enjoy just pressing the spacebar to explore all the different amazing colours that come across. 

Looking at the colours in this process truly brings me joy and allows me to have some fun while I explore. You can access this feature for free on the website and there is a Pro version for additional features if you’re interested. For me the free version is more than enough. 

If you’d like to try out the generator tool you can visit Coolors.co.

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