Fave Finds: Scarlett and The Office

You may have read the title thinking this blog would be about me and something I found related to one of my favourite shows, The Office. The title actually has a double meaning: I also found an item with my namesake on it! I was at Locally Made Marketplace—an awesome spot for gifts and unique items by local artisans—looking through a tray of fabric-covered buttons. I was quite surprised to see one of Scarlett O’Hara, the character from whom my mom got the inspiration for my name. For those who don’t know, Scarlett is the protagonist in the novel Gone with the Wind, which was released as a film in 1939 (it must be noted that while it continues to be highly praised in the film industry, it is rightfully criticized for its racism and romanticization of the South during the American Civil War). I can genuinely say that it was the first time I’ve ever seen a product in public with her on it. While I was initially excited to buy it, I later realized it’s not something that I should display for strangers to see without any context. Alas, it will stay in my apartment and remind me of my late mom and the unconventional tenacity of Scarlett O’Hara that she admired.  

Now for the Office find: recently I tagged along with a friend who needed to pick something up at Staples. We walked by a display of calendars and I was thrilled to see an Office one, especially since it was on sale for $9! Surprisingly I didn’t buy it, partly because they were closing soon and I couldn’t think quickly enough of a spot for it in my apartment. I did, however, have a great couple of chuckles reading the quotes displayed on the back, where a preview of each month was shown. If I do think of somewhere to put it in my apartment, I very well may be returning to that Staples.

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