Fave Finds: The Mobile Library

Last week, I unexpectedly came across a pop-up market in the parking lot of one of my favourite coffee shops, the Locomotive Expresso. They had various vendors selling baked goods, plants, and books. It genuinely felt like I was stepping into a dream where all my favourite things were in one place! 

The market’s highlight was the book vendor, who had transformed a vintage aquamarine trailer into a mobile library. The interior was cozy and inviting, filled with various second-hand books categorized by genre. Being in the trailer was very peaceful, and I completely lost track of time as I explored the shelves and chatted with the owners about their unique business and the books I picked out.

I walked home with my heart full, excited to dive into the book and blueberry scone I bought. It had been a busy and stressful week, and this little adventure brought me so much joy. I also felt grateful for this reminder to slow down and spend time doing things I love. Sometimes, we tend to focus too much on the big things in life and forget to appreciate the small ones. If you’re looking for some ideas or inspiration check out these helpful tips, Taking Joy in the Simple Things, to get you started.


mindyourmind’s Fave Finds series is all about things we’ve found that support our overall wellness and bring us joy. We encourage you to think about what brings you happiness and comfort.

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