Fun Things to Do on Snow Days

It’s that time of the year again. Snow is falling. School is cancelled. Kids are getting cabin fever. It’s cold outside, so let’s find activities to do with snow for when kids want to play outside in the winter. Simply bundle them up!

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Here are a 6 ideas of fun things to do on snow days:

1. Snow Ice Cream

Like ice cream, snow ice cream can be a tasty treat for the kids. Make sure you take freshly powdered clean white snow and not a yellowish colour as this means the snow has been contaminated. Of course, it’s best to gather the top, freshest layer of powdered snow. Your kids will enjoy gathering up the clean snow to make it. They will also enjoy the prep work if you give them a chance.

2. Snowball Fight

For active kids (active adults too), a good old fashioned snowball fight is a fun thing to do in the snow and may be just what the doctor ordered for cabin fever. Build some shields, pick teams, and bombs away!

3. Snow Colouring

Break out the empty spray bottles and dish detergent bottles. Fill them with water mixed with a little food colouring. Make sure everyone has on old clothes in case of stains. The spray bottles work like airbrushes. Old dish detergent bottles work like a pencil. Recycled items rock. Find an even spot in the snow and start colouring. Be creative with the activity to do with snow! The kids will love this snow colouring idea and adults may too!

4. Snow Castles

Get out your summer sand toys! You can make snow castles like you would in the sand. Even clean, empty kitchen containers make great molds. The snow molds like sand at the beach would. Kids love this stuff!

5. Go Sledding

Again, for the active children, sledding is an old favourite. Be sure to monitor them so no one gets hurt. Pick an area that the kids won’t slide into roads, trees, or anywhere else they may get hurt. This activity to do in the snow can also be fun for adults, so get in the game with your kids. You may enjoy it!

6. Snow Angels

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Yes, the snow angels are ever popular today, just as when we were kids. This is definitely one of the most fun activities to do in the snow with the family! This is a timeless activity to keep the little ones entertained in the snow. Lie down in a clear spot of snow, and just start waving your arms and legs. This one can be fun for adults too, especially those that are kids at heart.

Keeping kids and adults active with things to do in winter isn’t always an easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. These are only a few activities to do with snow for the family to enjoy. Be creative! Stay safe and warm. You can also try these 4 fun outdoor winter crafts or these 8 outdoor winter workouts for the family. Winter doesn’t have to mean that everyone is coupled up in the house with cabin fever til spring comes again.

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