By Marlene Bryenton


They provided the WORST medical care of the three hospitals that Andrew has been taken to by the Toronto Police;

At 1:00 a.m. September 6, 2023. a resident in psychiatry, discharged Andrew to rain and darkness alone on the streets of Toronto. This decision was in collaboration with a senior psychiatrist. What were they thinking?

I am not a medical doctor, but I know what the word ANOSOGNOSIA means. Andrew is impaired, when it comes to making decisions. He does not understand that he is seriously ill and needs medical attention. Thus, he told the doctors he wanted to leave the hospital.

How much value would you put on Andrew’s decision? As parents, we would put zero value. However, the psychiatrists deemed Andrew not a harm to himself or others and said Andrew had free will to leave the hospital, as requested by him.

Now let’s recap a couple things that were highlighted in the collateral information, that I provided with the Form 2 to the CAMH. Keep in mind that the psychiatrists said HE WAS NO HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS!

Andrew went up a ramp next to the Pearson Airport on August 15, 2023. This was in the pouring rain, and darkness. He was walking against the traffic and went on Highway 409.

Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act the 400-series highways are restricted to pedestrians. The OPP closely monitor these highways.

Pedestrian violators may receive a $105 ticket and, for their SAFETY, will be relocated off the restricted highway by police.

Andrew was sitting in an alley leaning against a wall with his legs stretching into the traffic and a car had to come to an abrupt stop or it would have driven over Andrew’s legs?

Andrew was seen jay walking on Wellesley Street. Drivers were honking their horns. He could have been hit by a car or caused a very serious car accident injuring others.

Now what part of the above is not HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS? I really believe that the psychiatrists only consider the word SUICIDE in their definition. Well, I believe Andrew’s actions could be considered potential suicide, as ANOSOGNOSIA impairs his judgement.

Andrew has made many bad decisions including the above examples. Not to mention, walking from Toronto to Vaughan Mills in a heatwave with no sunscreen, hat, sun glasses, food or water. He could have been dehydrated or had a sun stroke which could have killed him.

The end result of the psychiatrists assessment is SHOCKING! Is this the way the CAMH is training their Residents? If so, many more Andrews will suffer the same outcome. Would you want your son or daughter treated this way? Remember mental illness can happen to anyone.

What is it going to take for the Ontario psychiatrists to support Andrew’s psychiatrist request for a medical transfer home to Prince Edward Island? Will it take a car accident where Andrew is seriously injured? Will it take a heart attack from walking excessive distances daily in the hot sun? In our minds it will take something major to happen before the Ontario psychiatrists change their stance on the situation. What will that be? Isn’t this a very sad commentary.

I feel that this young Resident Doctor has signed a death certificate for our son, Andrew. He will not be able to survive on the streets of Ontario this winter, as he refuses shelters, and soup kitchens. He will be found frozen in a snow bank, and this has become our daily reality! He is barely existing on the streets of Toronto in the summer, when there are lots of people outdoors that recognize Andrew and assist.

My computer has been flooded with posts from concerned Facebook members who read the outcome in total disbelief. There is public outcry brewing. I believe it is time to take action and introduce Mental Health Reform, to protect all the Andrew’s in Canada.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A POST I RECEIVED: “As someone who was supporting a family member with schizophrenia until his untimely passing, I spoke at length with the coroner, autopsy and police team who all felt that the system needs to change. While they support the rights of individuals to make their own health care choices, they also felt that that the pendulum has swung too far. They want people to speak up. It is time for Andrew’s Law.”

Tomorrow, Dr Dawson will offer a possible explanation why doctors are often so reluctant to admit patients to hospital when they are a danger to selves or others along with a word of advice to the young resident who refused to admit Andrew.


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