Sickness has enveloped the world. To find a safe
place, Honey’s family escapes the city in their converted ice-cream van, with
enough supplies to last them for some time. 

It is Honey’s fourth birthday. Her
brother Rumi is still a baby.

They drive into a rainforest which seems the
perfect place to camp. As they fear there is no entrance visible, one is opened
by a herd of enchanted horses. 

A bridge magically appears, which they cross
into a secret valley, which then closes behind them.

In this valley of horses, the family begins a new,
self-sufficient life. 

They learn to forage for food, fish, live day by day in
nature, and make do by repurposing everything that is at hand to use as
clothing and tools. Lessons and daily chores fill the children’s days.

They believe that there is no one left alive
outside the valley. Their phones have no reception, and they know nothing of what
is happening in the world beyond the valley.

Two of the horses which Honey names Lightning and
Moongold, become the family’s protectors and the children’s best friends.

When Papa becomes seriously ill, Honey sets out on
Moongold to try to find anyone out there to help.

It is exactly seven years to the day and Honey’s
eleventh birthday.

Will she find an opening to the outside world in
time to save her father? More importantly, will the valley let them go, or will
they remain trapped in this magical place forever?

This is a great adventure story filled with magical
mystery.  A delightful read which centres
on personal growth, family unity, strength, courage and hope.

Wendy Orr’s words paint pictures that are easily
imagined, and that add richness and scope to the background stories.

Title: Honey and the Valley of Horses

Author: Wendy Orr

Publisher:Allen & Unwin, $
Publication Date: 1 August 2023

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781761068492

For ages: 9 – 13

Type: Middle Grade Fiction


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