How do We Re-Connect with Others Beyond the Crisis?

The past few years have flipped our world upside down. After all the changes to our environment and routines, many of us are not feeling like our old selves. Many of us are missing a critical factor in our wellbeing.

Would it surprise you to hear that this could be a result of how disconnected from others we have become? For decades, research has highlighted the devastating effects that social isolation and loneliness have on our mental and physical wellbeing. The struggles we experience due to seasonal transition–combined with the aftermath of the pandemic–have left a lot of us feeling vulnerable and alone.

Reaching out to connections that may have faded over the past few years can feel daunting. That is why the GenWell Project, a Canadian not-for-profit, wants to make it easier by giving you the information and tools to make it happen. Make GenWell Weekend, May 5 to 7, your excuse to #GoFirst and reach out to those friends, family, neighbours, classmates or colleagues, and get connected face-to-face again.

Connecting with others reduces your risk for illnesses such as anxiety and depression, dementia, and so much more. We are not meant to be alone. 

Please join Canadian workplaces, classrooms, streets and communities across Canada this GenWell Weekend, May 5-7, by registering your intent to help rebuild the face-to-face connections that make us all happier and healthier. 

For more information about taking the first step 

To learn more about this initiative in video-format on YouTube GenWellWeekend Launch Video – May 5, 6, 7, 2023

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