How to Build your Child’s Self-Esteem

A child’s self-esteem is important. The foundation of their confidence will unveil as they take on different tasks, academically or socially. It is important to lay that base of self-assurance for your child now, while they are young. There are several ways to successfully boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Let’s have a look at 7 tips on how to build your child’s self-esteem.


Ways to build child’s self-esteem

With these techniques, you will be building your child’s self-esteem in no time and they will definitely be on the road to success!

1. Boost self-esteem by reminding your child’s of past achievements

One way is to boost self-esteem is to remind your child of past achievements. Maybe, the last “A” they got on a test would be a good reminder when they feel inadequate, while studying for a test. But remember to help your child stride for improvement, not perfection, while studying together. You are their number one fan. It’s up to you to instil that self-confidence in them, but over-prioritizing something can make them think that certain thing is the key to everyone’s praise. Balance is critical!

2. Teach your child good traits to have self-esteem

Teach your child good traits, both by your own speech and by your own action. Show them how to be confident, and be able to realize that losing battles does not mean you’ve lost the war. Children learn by watching! As a parent, be a good role model, because they will follow.

3. Help your child develop honesty

A child who lies is not confident in who they are that’s why it’s important to help your child develop honesty. Your thoughts develop who you are. A child who thinks that his only way to overcome an obstacle is by lying, stealing, or seeking any kind of negative attention will learn to follow that pattern into adulthood. Discipline wrong doing and praise right decisions. Draw the line between wrong and right, because if you don’t someone else will. Wouldn’t it be better to come from a soft hand?

4. Don’t be too critical with your child

If your kid’s self-esteem is down, they don’t want to hear how they went wrong over and over again. Remember to set reachable expectations for them. Give them chores you know they can handle, and then praise them when they overcome these obstacles. This will enhance their confidence to take on larger obstacles in life.

5. Listen to your children will help them build self-esteem

Take your children thoughts, opinions and tasks seriously. Making them feel important is critical. They need to know what they think and feel really does matter. If you give them the attention they need, they will give that attention toward themselves. Sit around the table at dinner and ask about their day. Don’t just ignore them and talk about bills.

6. Talk to your child

Another way to help build a child’s self-esteem is to discuss problems with them without placing the blame on anyone. Talk about what the problem is, how this problem could have been avoided, and what the solution could be. This will help develop your child’s confidence in decision making as well.

7. Hug your child

Lastly, and most importantly, let your child know how much you care about them. Giving them a hug or spending the day with your children will also help boost their confidence and self-esteem.

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These are easy ways to help you on how to build child’s self-esteem and confidence. Hope you will share, in the comments, your tips on improving kids self-esteem.

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