How To Survive A Weekend Trip Away

Weekend getaways are not only more affordable, but you’re also less likely to get the post-vacation blues because you’re not away for long periods. Returning to your everyday routine is easier because even though you’ve been relaxing, you’re not losing the groove of things. With that said, a lot can go wrong with weekend getaways, which is why we’ve compiled a list of all the things you need to bring to survive a weekend trip away.

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#1: Charging and Data Transferring USB Cables

Weekend getaways usually mean you don’t have to take time off since it’s the weekend, and you can do whatever you like, whether that’s driving a few hours to a new town or hopping on a cheap flight to a nearby country. However, today, work or school often blend into our leisure time, and we hold different types of information on multiple devices.

As a result, there may come a moment where you have to pause your vacation and respond to emails or complete a project due Monday morning. Because of this, you want to ensure you’re not only packing charging cables for your devices but also data transferring USB cables.

You may be required to move information from one of your devices to another while you’re away on the weekend, and charging cables don’t have this capacity. USB cables are one of many tech products you should pack in a bag for a weekend getaway, with some of the other essentials being portable power banks and portable Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s easy to skip this step, but this tech bag can double as an emergency survival kit if a crisis occurs, so you don’t even have to unpack it when you’re home, and that’s one of the perks of weekend trips away: there’s less to pack and less to put away.

#2: Reading Material

Chances are, your weekend trip will be quite relaxed since you only have two days and don’t want to overdo it. Many people spend these trips sitting by the pool or, depending on the season, in front of a fireplace. As a result, you want to pack some reading material with you. This can be either a novel, novella, or Kindle/e-reader. You don’t want to spend the whole weekend staring at your phone if you can help it, and reading is a great way to encourage creativity, which will help you when you return to work or school that week.

#3: Disposable Camera

As mentioned, if you can help it, the point of weekend getaways is to tune out from your routines. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to capture these moments. A good compromise is to purchase a disposable camera for your trip away because that way, you’re still taking photos, but not getting distracted by any SMS, email, or social media notifications that may pop up when you’re taking it. Plus, there’s only a set number of photos you can take with a disposable camera, so it makes you pay attention to what’s worth capturing and sharing and what’s not.


Weekend getaways are more affordable, and you don’t run the risk of falling out of the work or school groove, even though you’re still relaxing. There are many advantages to these types of trips, but there are still several things that can go wrong if you’re not prepared in terms of what you pack and if you’re not prepared to tune out from your everyday life. Because of this, you want to ensure you’re packing to survive a weekend trip away.

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