How to Take Your Garden to the Next Level

According to a recent report, 62% of Canadian households engage in gardening – a figure that grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you’re part of the 45% of households who don’t take care of their garden, it’s important you understand exactly what you are missing out on.

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After all, not only does gardening mean you can make the most of your outdoor spaces, but it’s also good for your mental health. It has been known to increase self-esteem while also reducing stress and anxiety levels.

With that in mind, here are some top tips you can use to take your garden to the next level.

Remember that it’s a year-round job 

While you may spend more time working on your garden during the spring and summer months, especially if you’re maintaining a vegetable garden, taking care of your garden or yard is a year-round job. For example, as the temperatures begin to drop, you need to make lawn care a priority if you want your garden to look great in the new year.  

Invest in a hot tub

Looking for an excuse to spend as much time in your garden as possible? Buy a hot tub! Perfect for garden parties, special occasions, or for a bit of peace and quiet after a long day, you won’t regret purchasing a hot tub, and it’s something the entire family can enjoy. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll have to spend money on hot tub cleaning and maintenance, too!

Start with low-maintenance plants and flowers 

If you’re known for killing houseplants or have little gardening experience, don’t over-exert yourself by trying to care for high-maintenance plants and flowers. Instead, focus on those that are easier to grow until you’re better prepped for this challenge. Low-maintenance plants and flowers include: 

  • Peonies 
  • Lavender
  • Hydrangeas 
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries 
  • Snake plans

Repaint the fences

While taking your garden to the next level often centers around planting flowers and mowing your lawn, you should also ensure that you focus on the smaller details. For example, repainting your fence panels can really bring the space together. If your garden is on the smaller side, painting it white can make it appear bigger than it actually is, or you can choose a bright and bold color to complement your flowers!

Get the whole family involved in the process

You don’t have to do the brunt of the gardening alone, as this can quickly become a fun activity that the entire family can participate in. For example, it could be one person’s job to water the plants while another mows the lawn. This is also a great way to teach your children to be more responsible.

Gardening can also quickly become a fun, creative outlet that helps you all keep stress at bay. For example, you could decorate your own flower pots, creating some finishing touches that are unique, bright, and brilliant – while also spending some much-needed quality time together as a family.  

In short, you don’t need to become a pro-gardener in order to take your outdoor spaces to the next level – you simply need to be willing to put in the work. So, don’t wait until the new year to revamp your garden, get started today.

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