Human Miseries – The Trauma and Mental Health Report

French artist Paul Gaugin (1848 – 1903) made a series of paintings called Human Misery during the time he shared in Arles, South of France, with Vicent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890). The one below, The Wine Harvest. Human Misery, is one of them. The most prominent figure is that woman sitting on the front, an image inspired by a Peruvian mummy Gaugin saw in Paris. Accompanying her, we find three other women dressed in black, with Breton costumes but in a vineyard in the south of France. The gloomy colour of the women’s faces and their serious expression depict negative emotions. For many, this painting symbolizes the melancholy, suffering and despair of those trapped in a life without a future.

See the image below.

Gaugin, melancholy, human suffering, affliction, despair, depression, anxiety, art, painting, desolation.

Image Credits:
Feature Image: Viktor, On Picjumbo. Creative Commons.
Body Image: Paul Gaugin, On Wikimedia. Creative Commons.

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