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Oftentimes, the new year can feel like we’re being flooded with pressure to make important changes. Especially when diet-culture is on full blast around the holidays. In our society, making rigid commitments to breaking bad habits or starting new ones that will help you to “better” yourself, can feel like requirements for the month of January. In case you need some reassurance: you don’t need to make any changes just because the calendar flipped over to a new year. 

Regardless, for most people that want to try and make improvements to their wellness — especially successful and sustainable ones — self-compassion is a key ingredient. If this interests you, you may want to keep an eye on our Twitter this month. On even-numbered days, we’ll be sharing #mymTips on compassionate personal growth (i.e. tips for folks who would like to grow and improve their well-being, but are feeling jaded by the usual shaming and expectations that typically come with January).

If you are trying to make changes for your mental health or wellness this month, remember that showing yourself kindness is a crucial factor. If these changes aren’t going how you had hoped, know that this doesn’t equal failure and you can try again at any time of year (also know that this encouragement only pertains to changes that aren’t detrimental). I am rooting for you! 

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