Kids’ Book Review: Guest Junior Review: Colouring Book: Science In Colours

Our guest junior reviewer and art oficionado, Dalila Letaief is back with another creatively inspired review.

This is the perfect book for
any rainy days. A colouring book with science drawings, Science in Colours is
part of a series of many others including The Sound of Colour, with drawings
about music. If you have other interests the series has it all covered, you
will find illustrations of animals, plants , landscapes, and fictional
characters in these other colouring books. I personally got Science in Colour
and The Sound of Colour.

Colouring is known to help with
anxiety, stress and even depression and that’s actually the purpose of these
books.  It’s also a good way to increase someone’s
interest in painting. So this book would potentially boost someone’s drawing,
painting, sketching skills. Additionally, it’s a great way to developed further
someone’s fine motoring skills and concentration skills.

The book has a mixture of easy and more
complicated drawings to colour, that makes it ideal for something quick to
colour or something more complicated and longer to do.

What makes this book and the
others in the series very special is that purchasing them will help low-income
children in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Koley is a non-profit foundation with a
social aim so that makes these books even more interesting. I really love this
story behind the books and when I use them that make me feel even better than
some other children can also benefit from it.

So far I have tried a couple of
easy colouring pages in Science in Colours and can see how children can do some
of the pages. However other pages have more detailed drawings and would require
longer time to complete. I really love the combination of colouring and music
in The Sound of Colour, combining two art forms, however most pages have
instruments and people that are detailed and requires lot of colouring time. I
have recently learnt a bit more about warm and cold colours at an Art Club and shall
definitely have more practice using these books.

Colouring Book: Science in Colours
Author: Koley Books
Publisher: Koley, $23.60
Publication Date: 14 April 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9798391359289
For ages: 7+
Type: Activity Book / Junior Non-fiction


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