Kids’ Book Review: Guest Post: Reading Can Be Fun!

For most of us, reading is pure joy. Something to be savoured and relished in huge amounts. But not always. 

Today Tam Tran from Moody Two Shoes, offers some simple tips and hacks to enhance your reading pleasure and release the bookworm within.

Hey there! Are you tired of reading feeling like a
chore? Well, I’ve got some awesome tips on how to make reading super fun and

First things first, you need the perfect spot to
. I’m talking about a cozy reading corner that is all yours. You can
decorate it with your favorite colors, add some comfy pillows and blankets, and
let your imagination run wild. 

This way, you can’t wait to curl up with a good
book. But that’s not all, add some fun lighting to your reading corner, like
fairy lights or a lamp with a warm lightbulb to make your reading corner even
cozier. You can also add some plants, they can make your reading corner look
more alive and fresh, plus they can also provide some benefits like reducing
stress and improving air quality. So, let’s make your reading corner a fun and
cozy spot that you can’t wait to spend time in!

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Next, make reading time special by setting aside a
specific time each day to read. This could be before bed, after dinner, or even
during the weekend. You get to pick out your favorite books or grab some new
ones from the library. This way, you get to choose what you want to read and it
will make you more excited to dive into a new story. But that’s not all, you
can make this reading time even more special by making a cup of hot chocolate,
tea, or your favorite drink, this way you can enjoy it while reading. You can
also make this reading time a social event by reading with your friends or
family, you can take turns reading to each other or even have a book club

Want to make it even more exciting? Create a
reading challenge!
Set a goal for how many books you want to read within a
certain period of time and BAM, you get a prize when you reach it. Trust me,
it’s going to be so much fun and you’ll be a reading pro in no time! You can
even make it a family challenge and have everyone participate in it together.
Imagine the fun you’ll have reading and competing with each other and the
satisfaction of reaching your goal and receiving the prizes. You can track your
progress on a chart or in a notebook, and as you get closer to your goal, it
will become more and more motivating. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make
reading an adventure and have some fun!

Lastly, make reading interactive. Act out the
stories, create a puppet show or draw pictures of your favorite characters.
This will bring the story to life and make it more engaging for you. One way to
do this is by acting out your favorite stories. You can create your own puppet
show using paper bags, socks, or stuffed animals, and act out the scenes of
your favorite book. You can even assign different roles to different
characters, and act out the story with your friends or family. 

Another way to
make reading interactive is by drawing pictures of your favorite characters.
You can draw them in different scenes from the story, or create your own
illustrations of what you imagine the characters to look like. You can even
create your own comics or graphic novels based on the story. This will not only
be a fun and creative way to explore the story, but it will also help you to
better visualize and understand the story.

You can also make reading interactive by creating
your own crafts and DIY projects inspired by the book. It can be a fun and
creative way to explore the story and characters. So, grab your pencils, and
let’s get creative!

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Reading is an adventure like no other, it allows
you to explore new worlds, meet fascinating characters, and experience new
emotions all from the comfort of your own home. So, let’s make reading fun and
exciting! Happy Reading!

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