Kids’ Book Review: Junior Review: Letters From Cuba

Esther has been
yearning for her Papa ever since he left Poland to live in Cuba in the midst of
World War 2, to provide for the family. 

After 3 years distant from the family,
Papa has finally saved enough money for one child to come and stay with him. Therefore,
the eldest, Esther travels across the large ocean from Poland to Cuba to visit
her Papa. 

From the moment Esther steps down from the boat, she is in love with
all the vibrant colors and aromas that meet her, and she falls in love with
Cuba, her new home. 

To Esther’s surprise, her home won’t be in the heart of
Havana, but in the small farmers village of Agramonte. In her tiny wooden
house, Esther finds her inner talent for sewing and is able to help her father
by providing extra income. 

To close the distance between her and her family,
Esther writes letters to her sister about how she has found a place in Cuba and
how she can’t wait for her to arrive.

Author Ruth Behar has written an inspiring story
loosely based on her very own Grandma Esther’s story. It was an incredibly
diverse novel filled with characters from all walks of life. This book was
enjoyable to read because while it is a tale of a girl living in a new country
without her family, it still included the fact that there were still discriminatory
people in Cuba during the War. Author Ruth Behar has included truth, love, and
hard work in every single page of this novel and you will be missing out if you
don’t read it.

Letters From Cuba
Author: Ruth Behar
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books, $16.40
Publication Date: August 31, 2021
Format: Hardcover
: 9780525516491
10 – 12
Type: Middle Grade Novel

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