Kids’ Book Review: Review: And Everything Will be Glad To See You

Sometimes an
anthology of poems just hits a sweet spot. With its foreword, afterword, separate
lists of poetry and poets, gorgeous tactile cloth bound cover, posh ribbon bookmark
and adorably lush, sumptuous, immersive illustrations – not to mention poems by
the bucketload – this book is truly a feast for the senses.

A delightful
collection that will appeal to both long-time poetry afficionados and newbies,
there’s something for everyone here. 

Old favourites such as Maya Angelou and
Mary Oliver sit alongside fresh, exciting contemporary voices in Jackie Hosking
and Amanda Gorman, among others. 

Then there are the delightful musings and
flights of fancy from Hilary Ann Farley (aged 5) and Laura Ranger (aged 6). This
book is a joy.

To wander into
and out of poetry is itself a pleasure and perhaps, even, a little bit of a
lost art. For instance, just savour the delight of this four-line poem by
Elizabeth Hewer and see if it touches your soul or causes a moment’s reflection:


is just one
girl with her fists clenched,

no longer

to be trodden

Then, there’s Hosking’s
wordplay – the pleasure of repeated lines changed just a little on each
repetition, to evoke a quietly powerful meaning each time.

Where will she
go? Murmurs the sand

whenever, Wherever she can

And the
timeless, ageless mystery of Mary Oliver in The Summer Day:

…Tell me, what
is it you plan to do

with your one
wild and precious life?

It might be the
delight of rhyme, or

the surprise of

Perhaps the
rhythm and cadence of a quietly lilting, lullaby-like poem.

The caress of a
mother’s soothing song.

The startlement
of pointy words and



magnificence of an all-girl cast in a poetry-world that very often seems (literally)

Bringing the wonder
and gifts of poetry – which somehow lands us in the essence of ideas rather
than lingering on the mechanics or fatness of them – this anthology is an
homage to the tenacity and poetry of women and girls through time and place.

It’s a reminder
that the words and intent of poems are often the most distinct and distilled
version of truth that we can access both with our heads and our hearts.

And everything
indeed be
glad to see you.

Title: And Everything Will Be Glad To See You – Poems By Women And Girls
Author/editor: Ella Risbridger
Illustrator: Anna Shepeta
Publisher: Allen and Unwin $39.99
Publication Date: 1 September 2022
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781788009218
For ages: 6 – 14
Type: Poetry

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