Kids’ Book Review: Review: Copycat

Skye and her cat Admiral Mittens, live in Seagulls
Nest with her young-at-heart and very active grandmother, Sheila, the town’s
head Librarian.

But it is chickens that are the most popular things
in the area. 

So are egg sandwiches, a priority at every meal, and in every café,
the town having been founded by an egg farmer.

Over three years ago, Skye’s parents left and never
returned. The reason is still unknown.

Skye has written a mystery novel. 

She leaves her
manuscript overnight on a shelf in the library, in a corner she frequents. 

at opening time the next day, it is gone. Now she must become the sleuth she
writes about, to track down the thief.

Her first suspect is Bailey, a volunteer who shelves
books in the library.

He is ruled out when he admits he took it to read, but it
was taken by someone in the cafe, when he left his seat for a minute.

The two become a team, determined to uncover the
culprit even if it means spying on the whole town. They find they have a lot in
common and quickly become friends.

Excerpts of Skye’s manuscript are shared with us as
the investigation progresses.

When Skye’s novel crimes are copied, things become

Who is doing this and what do they hope to achieve?
Everyone is now a suspect. The pair hide, follow, and make lists to compare
information. Finding any real clues becomes almost impossible, for situations
seem one way, but are found to be the total opposite.

Things take a turn for the worse when Skye and
Bailey are accused by the Head of Police, of working together on the crimes to
call attention to themselves for reasons of their own.

When the animals in the Zoo are set free, things
come to a head. New Policewoman Penelope is determined to help solve the
mystery. This leads to other mysteries surfacing.

Terrific characters and lots of suspense keep the
pages turning in this creative novel full of ups and downs, twists and turns.

Title: Copycat

Author: Anne Hawkins

Publisher: Harper Collins, $16.99

Publication Date: 6 September
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781460763315

For ages: 8+

Type: Middle Grade Fiction

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