Kids’ Book Review: Review: Dads and Dogs

Dads and Dogs is a fun picture book for kids, brought to life by Australian author and illustrator Mick Elliott.

Packed with alliteration, cute dogs, and involved dads, Dads and Dogs is a chance to practice reading, have a laugh, and find yourself and your family in the book.

There’s a different dad and dog on each page, which adds up to a lot of them! All are appealing, and there’s humour throughout. 

Life is never boring and there are little things in the pictures that show this, like one dog eating dad’s cupcake, and another knocking the ladder dad’s using while painting the wall. There’s even a clever dog balancing between two skateboards.

If you love dogs and you love your dad then this is definitely a book for you.

There’s coffee dad with a collie dog, reading dad with a rescue dog, and muddy dad with a Maltese dog, amongst many others. Who is the best dad and dog pairing? Everyone will find a favourite. Mine is bikie dad with a beagle dog whose ears are flapping as he rides in the sidecar.

The alliterative text is great reading aloud, and for kids learning to read. And the illustrations are colourful with a broad palette of pastels, and the characters drawn in a cartoon-style which really suits the text. A group picture of all the dads and dogs at the end is a great reminder of the diversity of families and their canine companions. 

Dads and Dogs is a fabulous bed time story, or anytime story.

Title: Dads and Dogs

Author/Illustrator: Mick Elliott

Publisher: Walker Books Australia, $
Publication Date: July 2023

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781760655044

For ages: 4+

Type: Picture Book

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