Kids’ Book Review: Review: Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes

Award-winning writer Favel Parrett has produced
another powerful and moving story of survival to follow Wandi, which was published
in 2021 to great acclaim.

Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes reveals
Parrett’s continued passion and dedication to the preservation
of life for these beautiful, intelligent, and frequently underrated animals.

Kimmi is a Tropical dingo destined for greatness.  Queen status. A female in a long line of
leaders, she was born small in a litter with three males.

Threatened by a
hunter, her mother and brothers are protected by a human mother and son who
love these animals and have cared for and protected them.

But there are those who see dingoes as destructive
and worthless.

This is the true story of how Kimmi becomes Queen;
how she evolves to take her place in life, and her contribution as leader of
the other dingoes that live with her in the sanctuary.

Filtering through the book is the major theme of
love and commitment between humans and animals. As it describes Kimmi’s and her
family’s journey through hardship and life-threatening situations, we view the
dingoe’s lives through their eyes.

Extremely interesting and detailed, Parrett is
committed to a lifetime of caring for and protecting dingoes. She still volunteers
at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre which was
established in 1990, and set on 40 acres in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria.

With Kimmi, Parrett hopes to educate
children about the animals she loves so dearly, helping them to understand the
importance of protecting wildlife,  by sharing her personal
experiences and stories.

Title:Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes

Author: Favel Parrett

Illustrator: Astrid Hicks

Publisher: Hachette, $
Publication Date: 1 November 2023

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780734422057

For ages: 8+

Type: Non Fiction

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