Kids’ Book Review: Review: Millie Mak the Maker

Many readers will associate closely with the
contents of this imaginative book by Alice Pung. Gorgeous black pen illustrations accompany the text.

With several interesting underlying themes racing
through it, it is the doll’s house on the nature strip in the hard rubbish
collection, that starts it all.

Story One introduces Millie and Granny, who are passionate
curb side collectors. When they see the doll’s house, they can’t wait to get it home and
restore it. 

But they are not the only ones who want it. First there gets it!

Most of the book is about seeing beauty in discarded
things and repurposing, re-using and recycling pre-loved things that are treasures
to the finder, but rubbish to those that discard them.


Against the background of Millie’s life, surroundings,
and family situations, we discover that being without, is a state of mind.

Milly’s two Grannies have taught her how to find
extraordinary objects of beauty and usefulness in the ordinary world, and
us, how life can be beautiful with handmade things designed and created with
imagination and know-how.

Each creative thought gives birth to a new
adventure for Millie as she learns to search in op shops for things that she
can reuse, renew, or remodel.

Story Two sees dad injured after being hit by a car while riding his
bike and life becomes harder for Millie and family. They have to find a way to manage with less.

The background
stories speak of acts of kindness, difficulties in creating new friendships, being
responsible, and ways of overcoming unkindness meted out other children, whose
reasons appear to be due to dissatisfaction in their own lives. These are
threaded through beautifully with creative initiatives discovered by Millie or the Grannies.

Easy-to-follow instructions for sewing
lots of useful objects, clothes, and hair decorations from items you never
imagined, will be invaluable to any budding Maker. 

How to produce something new from something
old becomes easy, and the satisfaction of using your hands to create, can bring
great pleasure.

I loved this book and the fact that it reflects the
way many people have lived and still live today – by using things that others
don’t need or want anymore, to create, restore or remake something necessary
and meaningful to them.

Another stunning cover reflects the contents of the

Title: Millie Mak the Maker

Author: Alice Pung

Illustrator: Sher Rill Ng

Publisher:Harper Collins, $ 22.99

Publication Date: 30 August 2023

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781460763773 

For ages: 8+

Type: Junior Fiction

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