Kids’ Book Review: Review: Shearer

This is the true story of one Australian shearer’s
life, his determination, and fearless character.

In 1892, Jack Howe, in seven hours and forty
minutes, sheared 321 sheep to create a world record.  

 It remains unbeaten.

Born in Darling Downs in Queensland, the remainder
of his interesting biography can be found at the end of the book with an original
photo of Jack.

A big man in many ways, his greatest love was
shearing, and he perfected this craft.

Challenged by the other shearers for the gold
medal, Jack as ringer, was unfazed. Confident and quick, the others said he
couldn’t shear 300 sheep in one day.

That’s all Jack needed to spur him on further.

Every type of sheep farmer turned up to watch and
cheer him on.  

There were those that tried every trick they knew
to distract him, but there was no stopping Jack Howe.

Neridah McMullin’s text brings to life, the story
of this impressive and important, outback Australian hero. She has in the limited
text, given readers a magnificent overall view of Jack’s life, his jovial
character and impressive accomplishments.

Michael Tomkins is to be applauded for his stunning
depictions of the scenes in the shearing sheds, of the distractors, and
efforts to hold him back which are hilarious! 

Every page has a full-page
illustration; large and commanding like Jack.

Shearer is Tomkins’ first illustrated children’s book.

This title is ideal for the Australian history
section in schools. There isn’t an age limit to the storyline, in my opinion, therefore
even adults will thrill to read this excellent picture book.

Title: Shearer

Author: McMullin

Illustrator: Michael Tomkins

Publisher:Walker Books, $ 26.99

Publication Date: September 2023

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781760653163

For ages: 4 – 8

Type: Non Fiction Picture B

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