Kids’ Book Review: Review: Smarty Pup: To the Rescue

Smarty Pup: To the Rescue is book three in the series by Anh Do, starring a friendly canine companion with special powers.

This time around, JJ the Smarty Pup and his friends are learning about different occupations. The school hosts special guests to talk about their jobs as photographers and pilots and other things. 

In a neat crossover with Anh Do’s Weirdo series, the guests include Weir Do and his dad who is a firefighter. Mr Do has brought a real firetruck for the kids to see.

Lily, JJ and their friends get to try out some of the protective clothing (helmet, goggles, jacket and so one), and equipment like the fire hose. When aiming the hose goes a bit haywire, water goes everywhere! There are also fire drills, with the kids practising how to ‘get down low and GO, GO, GO!’

JJ has his own turn and like most other things is generally pretty good at being a fire dog. Later JJ and Lily discuss all the exciting jobs they might like to have. With their imaginations buzzing, they set about experimenting, causing some chaos along the way.

Then, in the midst of the school science fair, news arrives of a fire in the city and a dog family who are trapped. JJ’s science project turns out to be of particular use. It’s JJ to the rescue!

Science, surprises, and relatable adventures are at the heart of the Smarty Pup series. As with the other books there is a great book design and illustrations. As a special bonus, the cover has a special holographic illustration and stickers at the back of the book. 

Smarty Pup: To the Rescue is a great book for new and emerging readers, and adds a touch of ‘magic’ to everyday events.

Title: Smarty Pup: To the Rescue

Author: Anh Do

Illustrator: Anton Emdin

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $
Publication Date: October 2023

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781761068959

For ages: 6+

Type:  Junior Fiction

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