Kids’ Book Review: Review: Snap!

This book
is one of unbridled joy.

An adorable,
totally endearing and awkward little frog, takes us on a sound-journey through
the forest. 

Using only pictures and select words, we instantly hear the
thrumming, the snicker-snackering, the swishing and pulsing vibrations of the
landscape in a sound-bath for our eyes! 

Along the way, Frog finds things to
play with and places to hide in amongst all manner of danger – and fun.

The rhyming
text is wholly onomatopoeic, which is a stunning and extraordinary achievement.
There are playful moments of surprise and delight, when sleeping predators wake
up or swoop to accompanying sounds of ‘snap’, ‘sneak’, ‘snap’ in large font!

The sense
of urgency and excitement is real, visceral and inordinately funny. This book
makes you laugh! Celebrated author Anna Walker’s ability to imbue her
characters with personality through the placement of an eyeball, the angle of a
mouth line or the reaction of another character, is masterful.

The colour
palette is not traditional ‘pastel’ but it is definitely soft, while still
managing to be forest-like. Plants, creatures, trees, flowers, shrubs, birds –
all are vibrantly alive, yet not overwhelming on the page. Texture, shape,
line, colour combinations and layering interweave to create an exciting sense
of lush undergrowth, spaciousness and surprise.

This work
is, quite simply, divine. From the endpapers front and back, to the gorgeously
sumptuous yet simple double spreads, we are taken on a beautiful deep dive
through the eyes of little Frog.

A truly
gorgeous offering that will no doubt have children and grown-ups, reaching
for it over and over again.


Title: Snap!
Author/Illustrator: Anna Walker
Publisher: Scribble, $24.99
Publication Date: November 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922585387
For ages: 0 – 4
Type: Picture Book


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