Kids’ Book Review: Review: The Frog Bank: Nature’s Alarm

A wonderful compendium on all things froggish, The Frog Book – Nature’s
has a huge, iconic green tree frog smiling out from the cover. 

is information on just HOW the frog is nature’s alarm, along with an array of
fun facts and interesting anecdotes that will likely leave you croaking for

What animal can eat and drink through its skin, jump
up to 20 times its height and taste with its eye?  

Yes, the
not-so-humble frog! And did you know that in captivity, frogs can live for up
to 20 years? 

Or, that frogs don’t drink water but absorb it through their skin?
And that frogs are colour-blind? You do now.

information in this book is comprehensive and engaging, while the picture book
format makes the content accessible to readers of all abilities. 

With blocks of
text, fun facts found in illustrated leaves on the page, and eye-popping
photographs (almost as alarming as the description of a frog swallowing a
snake), this book is genuinely for everyone.

It has
specific sections on Australian and New Zealand native frogs, and information
on huge and tiny frogs the world over. It describes the differences between
frogs and toads, and shows you what makes poisonous frogs stand out to other
creatures. It covers climate change, making your own frog-bog in the backyard,
and ways to support frogs in urban areas. In short, it’s endlessly fascinating!

A bumper
resource that will no doubt become a favourite for both school projects and
reading for pleasure. With amazing photographs (I cannot unsee those internal
organs of the frog with see-through skin!) and comprehensive explanations in
cheerful language, it’s a must-have for every school and home library.

Title: The Frog Book – Nature’s Alarm
Author: Sue Lawson
Illustrator: Guy Holt
Publisher: Wild Dog, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 June 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781742036571
For ages: 8 +
Type: Non-fiction

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