Pea is determined to leave the pod and become
independent; to create its own success story.

The Pod tries to convince it that only through combining
their individual skills, can they all reach their optimum creativity.

As a team, they can achieve
something artistic, eye-catching and worthwhile. 

They can become as creative as Peacasso.

Pea is determined to prove the Pod wrong.

It voices
its hopes and dreams and sets out alone, to be called back, and shown
examples of what can be achieved with teamwork.


Fortunately, Pea accepts the reality that its
personal success lies within a cooperative and friendly group rather than as a single entity.

Opening a book by Maree Coote is like opening a
present. You never know what to expect, and always get a pleasant surprise.

The Independent Pea is
another impressive creation by this imaginative and gifted author
and illustrator. It is a story behind a story.

As with her former publications, this production displays
Coote’s innovative use of words and letters. Filled with clever, humorous
wordplay, it places food and recipes at its centre.

The greatest delight of Coote’s books is that they
not only challenge children’s minds but those of adults too.

Vibrant colours create lively and entertaining
illustrations with each page owning a unique design.

The recipes and ideas for ways of
preparing peas can be found at the end.

My favourite page, and will be yours, is the last. PODTALK
Peatube: Pea’s Podcast Pod.

Title: The Independent Pea

Author/Illustrator: Maree Coote

Publisher: Melbournestyle, $ 29.99

Publication Date: 1 March 2024

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780648568483

For ages: 5+

Type: Picture Book


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