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What fashion trend needs to be brought back?

Self expression is a way for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings that sometimes can’t be explained through words. It’s a safe way for someone to express something without really having to share everything. There are many different ways to practise self expression, for example, the clothes we wear. This month the mindyourmind team is sharing some of their favourite fashion trends that they have found comfort in and that they would like to be brought back.

Elora: I recently bought a pair of flared jeans. I never thought I would own a pair again (or that they would be back in style) but I’m glad I made the purchase. There’s something fun and dramatic about them and it feels good to spice up my wardrobe and go outside of my comfort zone!

Natalie: I used to be very into Avril Lavigne and always wanted to dress like her during the “Complicated” era, but I was too young to dress punk rock since I was only a baby when that song came out. When I was able to buy my own clothes, I barely saw anyone wear that style. I’d say I want that back in trend since I would be able to experiment a bit? But regardless of it being in fashion, I think I’ll still try it out since clothes are a part of self-expression and you should wear whatever you want!

Kyle: I’m a bit of a neo-luddite, so if I had to pick a fashion to make a comeback, I guess I’d start with watches. Actual durable timepieces made of glass, metal, and gears that can last a century and don’t require electricity. My reasoning is more pragmatic than fashion but a good accessorised watch is also always bling… or is it drip?

Sanchi: A fashion trend that I love which is still quite common is oversized baggy pants! I absolutely love how a big pair of pants makes me feel. I think they are very freeing and can be paired well with almost anything. Having struggled with body dysmorphia for quite some time there were a few fashion pieces that brought me joy and big baggy pants are one of them! I can express myself openly and be comfortable! If you don’t already own one, definitely worth considering!

Scarlett: Hmm, I found this hard because a lot of the 90’s trends that I loved are already making a comeback. However, two things I was able to think of were velour tracksuits and charm bracelets (like the ones made of rectangle links). A velour tracksuit comeback would be cool because I have really come to value comfortable clothes – if something I’m wearing feels uncomfortable, it really worsens my body image and so I try not to wear that item anymore. I’m also a sucker for matching sets, so I would be very keen to wear a comfy and casual matching set again! As for the linked charm bracelets, I always thought it was so fun to collect various charm links that represented the different aspects of my personality or interests. I think it would be helpful for my sense of identity if those charm bracelets made a comeback because sometimes I really struggle with my self-concept and being able to describe myself, so it would be handy to have those little charms to act as prompts and reminders for my interests and values!

Michelle: Crocs! I still have my original pair from 15 years ago, complete with Minnie and Mickey jibbitz, and I only wear them as slippers. They are so comfortable! It’s amazing how long they’ve lasted. I know young ppl are wearing them but I want to see everyone wearing them again. They are my comfort shoes!!

Josh: I spent a lot of my youth trying to figure out what clothes I look and feel good in. I think that a significant part of fashion is trying to express yourself, so I wouldn’t change what is popular these days. That being said, I would love to be able to wear vests comfortably in public. I like the little pockets that they have.

Simran: When I was in middle school I used to wear velvet zip up hoodies. I remember having 3 different colours and wanting more. My dream was to have each colour of the rainbow in the form of a velvet zip up hoodie. As I grew older I noticed my clothing choices becoming more dull in the sense that I incorporated more black and strayed from bright colours. I feel like colour is such a great way to express how you’re feeling and would love to see that come back as a norm.

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