Those of us
who’ve been stuck in a small space with a persistent mosquito for any length of
time, will know what it’s like to be dive-bombed both physically and aurally by
an unwanted assailant. 

The childlike, delightful and a-little-bit-naughty Mr
McGee seems to know this too, when he is attacked by a flea that simply will
not give up in the opening stages of this romp of a picture book.

children’s storyteller Pamela Allen creates works that are fresh, vibrant and
dynamic. Her beloved Mr McGee and The Biting Flea is celebrating it’s 25th
anniversary this year, and yet it feels absolutely sparkly and new and
appropriate for today’s readers, in this gorgeous board book presentation.

Mr McGee is
flying his kite by the beach when suddenly he feels an itch. He scratches and
moans and cries and gesticulates and pulls off items of clothing one by one,
until finally he races into the water in an attempt to remove the biting,
itchy, nasty thing that won’t go away. 

There are three characters in this funny, read-aloud book that becomes more and
more outrageous as the narrative develops: Mr McGee, a dog that won’t leave him
alone and a flea that we never actually see.

illustrations are perfect and perfectly funny. Classed as pen and wash, they’re
scribbly line drawings that have been coloured in with watercolour paint.
There’s a lovely amount of white space and oftentimes, eight or ten
illustrations of Mr McGee in various states of itching, scratching and
galumphing across the double-page spread. 

This board
book is fun, entertaining and interactive – children won’t be able to stop
themselves from the chorus that smatters itself throughout the story.




Cried Mr McGee.’ 

It’s just wonderful.

Title: Mr McGee And The Biting Flea
Author/Illustrator: Pamela Allen
Publisher: Puffin, $16.99
Publication Date: 5 July 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781761340970
For ages: 3 – 6
Type: Board Book


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