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Recently, it was my birthday. I was feeling very discouraged as I had to reflect on the year I had left behind. I felt like I hadn’t achieved all the goals I had planned to have achieved by the time I was 22. The feeling of being an imposter was making me feel overwhelmed and sad. But then I ended up having one of the best birthdays ever and I’ve got to thank healthy and nurturing friendships for that. 

As easy as it is to look at your life as an array of goals to be achieved and things to be done, it is really the people we meet along the way that make it worth it. I was reminded of the amazing year I had connecting with my friends. I have to remain grateful for being surrounded by wonderful people who are patient, loving and understanding. It is easy to compare yourself in a very tangible way to others. But, I realised that the opportunity to spend time and cultivate deep friendships is also a very important thing to consider when I am thinking about my future. Take time today to think about the people around you and how far you’ve come today! Send them a message reminding them how important they are to you. 

I remain thankful to all my friends for making my birthday and every other day exciting and filled with hope!

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